In our seminars, you will learn about our case studies in which we describe how our clients have successfully met pricing challenges as well as familiarize yourself with the key concepts behind price optimization, target pricing and other techniques that can help improve your company’s profitability.

We host Pricing Seminars for C-Level executives and pricing professionals. Our seminars normally include a catered breakfast or lunch in major cities in Europe and the USA. The seminars are free of charge for qualified people.

Most seminars take place in Stockholm, Sweden, and are presented in Swedish. Please contact us at seminars@pricegain.com if you would like to arrange a different date or location for one of our pricing seminars.


Axel Uhrus joins PriceGain as Consultant and will strengthen PriceGain's consulting practice with his experience from Revenue Management.

Have you thought about how differently water can be priced? Why does a 1 liter bottle of water cost € 1 in one store while ½ a liter costs € 2 in another?